[PS4] Console Cross Save Farming

I want to first say if I put this topic in the wrong spot I’m sorry I’m new to posting.

I want to talk about cross save farming on the ps4. This may have already been found or there may be a better way. I know of uploading your toon right before turning in a quest reward that you want to farm then put it in clap traps stash for multiple versions. How ever if your not max level in uvhm. If you download the upload as new then re-upload right after. Once you get all versions of the reward you want lets say pimpernel. Even a sandhawk if you don’t want to finish out the main story missions yet for the Scarlett dlc. You can then take the downloaded toon that you did as new. Take all the rewards from claps stash. Then continue through other missions and level up more or to max level. Then if you want on level pimp, or hawk. Rinse and repeat.
[EDIT] This topic isn’t about copying gear. It’s about being able to get the gear you want to complete another portion of the game to level up. Then have the ability to get the gear on level or when you get to level 80 before you try OP levels. If enough people want I will delete this topic. It’s not my intention to break rules or offended anyone. I just thought it was neat and something I figured out. So I thought I would share my find. My apologies to anyone that’s offended.

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I don’t know if you realize this is the official gearbox forums. You can’t talk about duping here.

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I have talked to vaulthunter101. He talked to the other mods. They said its cheesy but they allowed it. The thread isn’t about dupeing it’s about the ability to collect a reward and still be able to get it on level later in the play through. In stead of reseting the play through on uvhm. I understand that is elements of dupeing in the thread. That’s not my intention.


if @VaultHunter101 said it’s cool, carry on :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a rather convoluted method of duping indeed.
Seems kinda pointless anyways since any character you upload can only provide level 80 gear, resetting the playthrough is still ultimately the most time-saving method of getting multiple pimps/Hawks/fibbers at op1 or greater, at least it is on console