PS4 Controller No Vibration! How long till fix?

People have complained about this since release date and we were told it would be fix, its been over a month!?! Will this be fixed?

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Maybe once their new game Battleborn is released and they make their money, we might get something for the games they already have out. But have a feeling, Battleborn is whats getting their full attention, whats out now seems to be a low priority for them, sucks, but guess they aren’t making money fixing their current stuff, and they gotta make their money, so maybe after battleborn we will get something, whenever it comes out, maybe, just don’t hold your breath, LOL
after their major mistake releasing this game, Battleborn isn’t even on my purchase list at all, if they can ever fix what they already got my money for, I might think about it, but as it is, if they cant fix what I paid them for, I wont be giving them anymore of my HARD EARNED MONEY

This is my biggest gripe with this game (and any game that has rumble for that matter). Having a controller rumble has been a staple for me since the N64 era with the rumble pak. If its an option i ALWAYS select it.

And to have a game where the rumble CONTINUOUSLY cuts is horrendous bad. Really cant beleive this got past QA. I know things can fall through the cracks and a quest here or a item drop there can get bugged an go unnoticed by the majority of players. BUT this rumble issues is SOOO constant… literally after 7-12 mins its just randomly cuts off (dbno, switching weapons, or any random event). It happens so frequently that its seems impossible that this was NOT notice in play testing.

From what it looks… its likely that the bug was INDEED noticed in QA (I refuse to believe that any play tester is taht incompetent) but was relegated as a “very minor tiny bug” and was allowed to remain for the final release/going gold.

… and it was figured that they could just “patch” later on.

the thing is that these ports were handled by third party studios (Iron Galaxy for Borderlands 2)

What’s really frustrating is that if you take a look through the day 1 patch (aka the only patch that has been released since the games’ launch that is now closing in on 2 months ago) a few bugs related to vibration were “addressed”.

I vaguely remember also having no problems with the vibration when first started playing the game while downloading the huge ~9GB patch.

I myself Beleave that’s whats always been GBs downfall, seems anytime they hand their stuff over to other companys, they mess it up. Wish GB would stick to doing their own stuff. I myself if I put out hits players love, would never trust my work to other companys that could tarnish my rep. This and the fact that lately they seem to rush things cause they have so much on their plates, and lets face it, rushing things never has ever worked out for anything in life.