(PS4) controller vibration bug?

hey guys, just bought and played digital version of borderlands HSC.

I’m at the early game just arrived the sanctuary.

it seems like the controller vibration function gets bugged once i die and revive from the second wind.

so after that theres no vibration when i shoot guns and stuff

the vibration works fine when i quit the game and load again.

anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I got the same issue on ps4. Thanks for logging this.

Passing along to the team so we can investigate. Thanks, guys!

Same issue on XBOX one

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I am having the same issue, but it centers around Action Logan’s Gun. If I use fire this gun for more than 5 shots, the vibration stops working for the controller. This is for the disc version of PS4 on my end.

I hadn’t noticed the vibration bug until I played Destiny again. Vibration is definitely not working properly in BL2 on PS4.

Same issue, tried a different controller with the same result. Hopefully they get this ironed out soon, because lack of vibration causes the guns to feel weak!

Just an update – team is making good progress on this one! No firm ETA on update yet, but things are looking up.

Hey Jeffybug are they working on patch for the FPS Drops and Screen Tearing also?? And tell them i said thanks for working on a fix for the Vibration bug :smile:

Team is always looking for ways to improve performance!

Thanks for this update. Super annoying just reading in other posts that the team is aware of it, but no info on fix status/progress. So thank you!

We provide updates when they make their way up to us here on the community team. Information typically only makes its way up here when a fix has passed a certain testing threshold. This helps us make sure we’re not sharing information about a fix being ready when there’s a chance that it fails testing and we’re back to square one.

Great news! Thanks for the responsibly-handled update

I love Borderlands…even if i absolutely hate Remakes, i HAD to buy your Handsome Collection.
Buuuut…the Tearing and FPS Drops actually are present since BL1, then they made their Way (somehow) into BL2…now we have 2015!!! and we are playing on a super-powered “Next”-Gen Console and we are still suffering…


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I am getting the same thing here and there! It was weird, I had a SMG that i got from Moxxi and everytime I held it my controller was vibrating! It would keep vibrating until I switched to a different weapon! …Haven’t had the vibrating issue the last couple nights, but I also haven’t been using Moxxis smg either!..I also am having a bug that when i go to revive a team mate i have to hit sqaure 3 or 4 times before i will actually start reviving them! …either way i am loving getting back into BL2! I was super excited when I heard about the handsome collection coming to ps4 and preordered ASAP!

bug happens to me tooooo :smiley: haha good to know that they’re already fixing it :slight_smile:

That’s part of the “joke” if you will with the Moxxi weapons. Moxxi’s “Good Touch” or “Bad Touch” :wink:


Applause !!!

I never get vibration when I’m hit. I sometimes don’t get it when shooting. I sometimes do get it when shooting, but it’s so weak I can barely tell. Evidently this is happening on the xbone version of the game too.

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