PS4 couch co-op games?

Finally broke down and purchased a PS4 for the holidays, mainly because I’m out of good couch co-op games for PS3. I bought CoD:BO3 to start and have Battleborn pre-ordered, but does anyone have any more suggestions? Reviews I’ve read of SW: Battlefront weren’t encouraging and the only other eligible game I’ve come across thus far is the Lara Croft Gauntlet-style game. I’m probably more interested in FPS and similar games, less so with platformers (at least for co-op play, anyway).

And yes, I own THC but need a little Borderlands break for a bit. :smile: Thanks for any recommendations you may have!

Diablo 3 is old but brilliant for couch co op (very cheap too). It keeps getting updates as well so there’s always more content for it.

Bloodborne is good for couch ‘take-it-in-turns-like-its-the-80s’ play. Being a Souls-type game (but way faster action) it really helps having a second set of eyes + back-seat-gaming comments from a partner, plus it’s just a brilliant game.

The Lego games are all designed for couch co-op, but they are rather kiddie.

FPS, though, it’s really only Borderlands that does it well. I’d like to know if there are any other shooters that do well on the couch, myself! I do like Destiny for Co-op, but obviously it’s not a split-screen game.

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Cool, thanks for the suggestions! I’ll let you know if I come across anything new in my research.