[PS4] Couch co-op is underwhelming, more accessibility please

There needs to be an option to increase font size. My wife and I are unable to get a full experience when playing splitscreen due to being unable to read anything.

Additionally, this isn’t so much an accessibility issue but vertical splitscreen would be appreciated - the top section of loot info (item name and damage) is typically cut off the top of the screen with horizontal splitscreen.

One more thing, other games like CoD and Battlefield have texture details and such turned down when playing multiplayer so the game runs more smoothly. This would be appreciated here, as in the current state if I open my backpack while my wife is in a fight the game slows to about 5-10fps. Not such a big deal at the moment, but will definitely get more annoying the more we play.


I changed the settings on my PS4 to display in 720, the text is readable like that although you’re obviously taking a hit graphically (not that bad though to be honest)

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Good idea! Hopefully that will help a little with the fps drop when someone opens a menu too

The lack of side-by-side splitscreen is the problem - it is impossible to read text, it makes us woozy just to play, and aiming at anything, even to pick something up, is so difficult as to not be fun. We need vertical splitscreen in the game, as it has been in all other borderlands games. This is just a terrible decision to have to peer through thin little slits top and bottom!


Thanks for the tip. Will try it out to see if fps is better while in menus in coop.