Ps4 couch coop disconnected

I’ve been playing bl2 with my wife and kids for a while now. We’ve got level 45 characters and have been getting kicked out of the game when getting ammo at the same time. This is annoying but we are now getting kicked when trying to fast travel to certain DLC content. Hallowed hallows and the new Lillith DLC. Is this a know issue or …? Yesterday I got a new PS4 with 1TB instead of the 500 GB, this issue is still happening. I just wanna play some vids with my kids. Please help

Not sure what’s causing that, but there have been a spate of disconnection reports on PS4 recently. You may want to try a power reset. If all the save files are backed up, you may also want to try a console reset. If the problem persists, a support ticket would be in order.

Quick question: was there a PS4 system update recently?

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Yes, this was happening before the update as well.

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OK, so probably not some weird system conflict.

From what you describe, it sounds like the issue comes up any time you do something that would trigger an update of one or more save files at the same time. You said you just got a bigger drive though, so file system issues seem a little unlikely. How did you transfer the content - did you use the cloud sync system, or a direct copy from one PS4 to the other?

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Ethernet cable from one console to the other. Also, my wife lost her character and had to build another because her save file had been corrupted.

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Not sure then - support ticket it is.


Thanks anyways