PS4 Dashboard crashes/freezes game

Every time when I press the Playstation button to go to the dashboard, to join a party or check a trophy or by accident, the game will freeze. Music goes on but the screen is frozen.

I have lost major progress in missions when this happens - like following the trail of the firehawk 4/7 and boom start from spawn point, any loot picked up before hitting save beacons are lost.

This happens on both TPS and BL2.

Same thing has been happening to me as well. Anytime I go to the dashboard while playing the game will freeze. As already stated the music still plays. The only way to fix it is to hold the PS button and close the application and restart it. Upon closing the application it will pop up with and error to be reported, I don’t recall the error code. Next time I see I’ll add it. I’m hoping this gets fixed soon, it makes it a pain to check and see if friends have come online, reply to a message, to look at trophies while playing, etc…