[PS4] Did not receive Pre-Order Bonus for BattleBorn Digital Deluxe

Which support have you contacted? There are 2k support, gearbox support, and sony support. I believe this belongs to the technical issue so I contacted gearbox support, and I am still waiting for reply. My friend has contacted sony support and it seems they know nothing about it…

I pre-ordered digital deluxe, didn’t get all pre-order, deluxe bonus even season pass. Though season pass and deluxe bonus appear to be purchased and installed but I got nothing. Already contact Sony and gearbox but no reply. This is really bad they should at least tweet or post something to situation.

I have the same problem. The most annoying is when you play the game, other players are using the delux title and golden skin, while we paid and get nothing…

I contacted Sony Asia PSN Support as it appears to be an error on their part. I too see other players using the Golden Pedestals so I assume they are the US/EU PSN users.

Like what creepy_Strawberries mentioned, I have the same issue where it shows that my season pass is purchased and I got all the normal DLCs except the specific ones mentioned for digital deluxe :frowning:

I already replied them back that they didn’t understand the issue I’m trying to raise so I explained it to them again lol.

I believe it is Asia PSN’s programming error. Hopefully they get it sorted out with Gearbox asap…

I didn’t receive mine either nor is the market place on Xbox saying manage instead of purchase for me. I paid 106$ bucks in April if I don’t get my season pass n pre order bonus I am going to be ■■■■■■■ pissed. This is ■■■■■■■■

So far David from Gearbox support has asked me for SONY’s purchase confirmation, video showing the ingame COMMAND where i showed them none of the bonuses were received and lastly screenshot of ALL titles from ingame COMMAND which I dunno what was for. Hopefully they can help.

Awaiting reply guys. Let’s hope this gets sorted soon.

P/S: I wanted to edit the title to indicate that I didn’t receive both Firstborn and Pre-Order bonuses but some may have already used my thread to officially report the same issue so to cater that, the title will stay fixed.

So far from all the Asian player whom I met, none of us who purchased from PSN received the first-born pack and bonuses. I have submitted all the information to gearbox and 2k support too. I believe is Asia PSN problem which didn’t include the bonuses within the game…

I’m experiencing the same issue with my game, no matter how many times I re-dl the game. I’ve reported this to both gearbox and Sony support days ago but still haven’t received any help on resolving it yet.

Same issue, I live in Europe.
I bought from the store a digital deluxe edition and did not get any of the bonuses:

I am now lvl 5 and played for some time, I still did not get anything.
I opened a ticket with support that told me to provide a video.
I did and my ticket was closed without anything being resolved.

I want my items or a refund as apparently I have the basic Battleborn version.

Any updates on the issue?

I have received mine through contacting 2K support (Traditional Chinese). They will ask for purchase receipt, several screenshotm it took them one day to investigate and credit the bonuses into my account.


Gearbox Support has replied and informed that the missing elements (Firstborn Skin Pack, Digital Deluxe, Season Pass) have been added to my game, along with a rare loot pack added for the inconvenience to boot!

I’ve checked the game and confirmed that the missing items are all there!

Don’t give up guys, report them to Gearbox or 2k support (As alextg40 informed) and you will get yours!

P/S: Don’t expect to get your items just by posting here. Please make sure to report it to the support by submitting a ticket.

Gearbox Support: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
2k Support: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


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I already contacted them and yes they asked for evidence, so i sent the pic and video they needed. But they gone dark since then no update no fix for me :frowning:

send them an email again to follow up. they just need a little reminder. reply to the same email they sent to you. Hope u get yours soon