PS4 Digital Deluxe Content Issue

Dear Gearbox,

Your support response time is the dumps.

I purchased a Digital Deluxe code from Amazon after playing the demo. The only thing the code unlocked was the DLC content, but the 25 base Battleborn are locked and the Story Mode states that I need the full version.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game. I’ve deleted the saved game data. I’ve blown into the disc drive. I’ve spoken in tongues. I’ve held my breath and counted to 100. I’ve turned my underwear inside out and danced the Macarena, backwards. I’ve cursed the names of your support team and their progenitors. I even submitted a support request THAT HASN’T BEEN RESPONDED TO.

Fix this, or I’m getting my $50 back and playing Overwatch.

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Sorry to hear about this, @PariahNine. Do you have your ticket number handy? If so, I can have our team check it for you.

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That’s too bad about your experience with the support staff. For reasons I shall not disclose I have undying respect for the support team. They really helped me out when I hit a spot of crippling depression. Hope your luck changes friend.



Appreciate the help.

Been chomping at the proverbial bit for a couple days.


Finally got a response. This actually resolved my issue, so I’m sharing it here in the event someone else encounters the same problem.

Hello Pariahnine,

Thank you for contacting 2K Support! We are grateful for your help in the fight against the Varelsi and we will do our best to make sure you are fit and ready to fight as soon as possible. I understand that you are currently unable to access the full game even though you purchased the Digital Deluxe version of it!

Rendain may be interfering with your ability to join the fight so please try the following troubleshooting steps if not already performed:

Clear your cache. This is accomplished by powering down the PS4 completely for a few minutes.

It may also help to try restoring the licenses for your account. You can do so by doing the following:
Select (Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Restore Licenses].

Go through our Network Troubleshooting Guide

If you have any more questions or concerns related to our 2K titles, please do not hesitate to contact us again and we will gladly assist you!

Stay Badass!

Rogelio A.
2K Support

Hope this saves someone else from the frustration of waiting nearly 3 days for a response.