PS4 East Coast Available for harcore, advanced pve and pvp

Using psnid netskink. I have mic and I have done raiding in various games. Used to play a lot of destiny raids.

Psn: Musicopia
I used to raid destiny a ton, am also looking for advanced and hardcore runs as well.
Have a mic I’m CR 37 have ISIC 15, Oscar mike 12, miko 8 basically 9. Can run healer I don’t mind keeping team alive.

mainly get on 930 or 10pm eastern til 2am ish

Will be on tonight and pretty much every single night

PSN: Leonbelmont, used to raid in Destiny as well, mostly playing characters for Lore Challenges atm but have a rank 15 Orendi and a bunch at rank 6-10. I have completed most missions solo Hardcore so far, have not tried Advanced and have played a lot of PvP. Have headset and can do Voice as well.

Will send you a friend request soon we can run whatever missions I’m down for it all.
I’ve only tinkered around with private versus so far because the matchmaking horror stories have kind of kept me out of pub until it gets fixed or I find a solid squad of five or at least four people.

Feel free to add me guys. I’m not too big on missions but I’m good in pvp