[PS4] EnvyOwnsAll

Looking for Lucian’s Call with Ice Elemental

I have exactly what youre looking for, what do you have for trade?

What do you need I have all Flakker, hex grenades, butchers.
Or we can duplicate it so you can keep one for yourself.

I also have fire elemental, and corrosive elementals Lucian’s call if you would like to trade those both for your ice elemental.

Do you have a fire butcher?

I just got another one with high damage lol. I have two now if youre looking for more than one.

I’m checking my vault, if I don’t are you still willing to duplicate

I have strong “influential butcher” 21% crit
42% weapon damage, 21% fire rate, 25% shield cap
Damage is 455x3

Non elemental though

I have that one, do you have a fire lyuda?

Yes I do

Message me on PSN


Ill trade that asap - psn swagvern