PS4 Error - Features not installed

I began preloading the game yesterday, and I believe it completed without error. After getting in and completing the prologue, I am unable to enter versus or story modes. I get the error “The selected feature is currently unavailable. All required content has not finished installing”. However I don’t see any progress bar indicating an installation taking place, and I’m not sure why it wasn’t installed with the core game. It’s been a good hour since I started playing. Not sure what I need to do, or if it just needs more time.

EDIT: Nevermind! checking the application information shows that it’s only downloaded 11 / 16 gb. Guess I just have to wait a bit.


Thank you for the post. Checked the downloads information and saw it was not fully downloaded yet.

Thanks for the post. Saved me a ton of stress after redownloading the game 4 times. :smile:

Same problem; played prologue but now can’t play anything else because it says it has not downloaded; but I don’t see a loading bar in applications or anything that tells me it is not finished downloading.

I have searched everywhere in library and applications and found nothing that tells me it is still downloading anywhere. How do I get to play what I’ve paid 70+ bucks for? Frustrating.

Did your’s ever finish?

Okay wow. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out how to get pass the stupid Features not install problem and all i had to do was go back into my history and re look at my first and second trip into the prolugue

On PS4 just go to the main screen hit the options button and then the information and it will show the progress. After initial download and two hours later I was still only halfway through. I will update again in the morning if it doesn’t work.