[PS4] Evil Monk - Class Mod

Hey there, im looking für a good Chaotic Evil Monk Class Mod, if possible with a +6 in Moneyshot and a +5 Inconceivable, please Add me if you have it, i have lots of other good Legendarys and Classmods
PSN: Assault_EVO

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I will check when I get in from work (approx 1 hour).
I know it has +6 moneyshot I just can’t remember what the other skill is!
I will add you later if its the one you need. Doc

Yeah, no Problem Man, even if it isn’t the one with +5 to inconceivable i would realy apreciate it

Did you find me?

Monk COMS don’t come with inconceivable. They only come with money shot, asbestos, and sexual tyrannosaurus.

Hi. I had to rush out after work last night - sorry.
I checked this morning and the COM I have is the Neutral Evil Monk with +6 Moneyshot and +5 Sexual Tyrannosaurus. I will be on tonight 6-9pm UK time - I will add you and its yours. Doc.

Yeah no Problem, thanks man, just add me, maybe i can give you something for it

I have all the gear I need thanks. Doc