Ps4 faction battles, sign up and conciliation

Okay, let’s set up a draft for may third,

Faction battles:
These will be private matches we set up with some specific rules I’ll recommend in the spirit of all having some fun with it.

NO MONOPOLIZING: for example some characters have many devotees(I’m looking at you deande!) let’s all agree with this that we’ll not squabble over little things like that. We’ll do quite a few matches so we all can enjoy ourselves.(if you find a group of four who agree this won’t apply, say if @HandsomeCam finds a group of four people who all will play rogues and don’t feel like being Toby he can snag Toby all day) all I ask is don’t be a ■■■■■!

IT’S FOR FUN: legendaries are up to the people in each match, but no garbage fun killing tactics(spawn camping especially)

Past that let’s have some fun with it!

Calling @FlamesForAll, @AncientBelgareth @Phoenix-2613, @Moostacho, @Nemosis327
Help reach out with this! I’ll reply to this post with my character list from another post


LLC:kleese, marquis, isic, kid ultra
UPR: any/prefer OM or Ernest
Eldrid: miko, alani, thorn or boldur.
Jennerit: ambra, rath, or attikus
Rogue:pendles, Reyna, WF, Toby, and Shayne


but the difference between Deande and my next best character is massive skill wise. It’s not so little to ya boi nemo when he looks at his stat sheet and sees 2/3 of his battleborn life has been spent with one character!

Fine! Okay I’ll play thorn. happy?!


The difference is we’re playing for everyone to have a good time, note I listed characters I’m terrible with but that I can make work well enough to not be a total detriment.

No Kelvin? I am offended.

you dont want me playing kelvin. that is the definition of detriment.

you know ill just play it all by ear and pretend like I belong.


I can’t do him justice good sir, or I’d happily play him. BUT I am not opposed to playing him either

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That’s the secret!

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The one time in months where I don’t have a Wednesday off…

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If this goes well and makes a good impression I think we can arrange other private matches with these rules @skeksis_SYL

Certainly sounds interesting enough. I could use more Pvt matches in general actually… If you guys get it worked out you should record it


I’ll do my best to arrange it!

I’m in if i can play Toby, and i’m not working.


You may have other characters between bouts of Toby(after all can’t play the same faction every match man!) but! I promise no derision about how other characters handle! And besides…don’t you wanna steal the others gear to make fun of them?!

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I actually only main the Rogues minus Pendles, haha… The other factions suck!

Whale biologist!


Well, you’ll at least get to learn to adapt, maybe take boomsday for a spin!

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Turns and waddles off, insulted.

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As someone who has been killed by friendly Ice Wall placement, I can attest to this.


Edited the original post with an idea, if @HandsomeCam finds 2 others who agree to play rogues so we’re not putting anyone out I’ll team with you since my wife prefers rogues as well and I’m comfortable with a few rogues as well(split screen for us so be warned)

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Cool! I can kill you twice with Orendi again… :smirk:

You’re off my “to kill” list now, but i’ll bet i just topped yours for this^, huh?

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