[PS4] Fast way to get to UVHM and 72?

Im on ps4 . I beat tvhm on gaige and wanted to level up maya. I beat normal, but i just don’t feel like going through the same story again twice. I’ve never made it to farming op levels. I’d like to beat the game on UVHM with maya.

Is there an easy way on ps4 to get to 72 and unlock uhvm? My psn is taconight1977 if anyone would like to help or play. Currently level 39 on maya in thvm.

So unfortunately there isnt a way to skip normal and tvhm. Gotta speed run those in order to get back to uvhm. I do however have a friend that can powerlevel if you ever need any assistance there.

Yah , it’s getting brutal I’m at killing blood wing and I get 1 shot . Kinda stuck and frustrated to no end. I have no idea what’s good or what spec to use. Tried reading guides and I’m more confused. Last time I really played was when Gaige was released. Just bummed cause I want to get ahead and enjoy it on ps4

If you need help with gear maybe use some golden keys. The gear in there is usually purple and always on level.

Playing straight through the story without doing any side quests is always tough, at some points the game will just outlevel you. Maybe jump into Captain Scarlet until you get a couple levels and the sandhawk, or do one of the headhunter packs for a level and a drop or 2. A new shield, shotgun, or SMG with decent bullet speed after a level or 2 can make a big difference on Bloodwing.

Add drinkingcloud i will help you out and just burn through tvm for you, unfortunately all i have are 60-72 weapons for the most part. Also im in Central time zone, US