PS4 Friday Night Fights 10:30PM ET

For months now since launch, my small group of friends and I have been playing on Friday nights starting at 10:30pm ET on the PS4. We may play an Operation or 2 then we head into PvP. Not sure how much Bird Hunt we will be playing tonight but I know that we will be queing up for Incursions and possibly Quick (or not so quick) Match.
We are not Battleborn pros by any means, just enjoy the game. We dedicate one night a week to play the game and that happens to be Friday. Feel free to log on and Que for Incursion modes tonight and every Friday night as we hope to see new and old, good and bad players alike joining in on the Friday Night Fights.

PSN= JazzyLemmon


You should join our community. Theres like 80 of us ftom here discussing and playing the game. And I was just polling for times for weekly private matches and was settled on starting at 11 while getting people on at 10 or 1030, so if that sounds up your alley you could join them too! We wouldn’t be playing competitvely, mind you. At the most, normal rules. But I’d prefer more fun things like random characters (helps branch out, for example I play Attikus now), all Pendles (verrrrrry quiet), etc. Just whatever we can come up with. We’d love more people