PS4 Game Data Corrupted, Game wont start

Recently I’ve had to Re-initialize my PS4 after some problems, and after trying to get my saves back through my PS+ cloud saves, the game data corrupted and BL2 wont launch (but TPS will since i never started it with the saves, i deleted all of them after the data corrupted), Either i get to the “Press X to Begin” screen or just the game select screen and after i press confirm for either scenario, it tells me that the game data is corrupted. The exact Error says:

“Cannot continue using the application.
The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4 and then insert the disc again.”

I’ve already tried deleting the game and reinstalling, rebuilding the database, and booting it up without saves. I do not believe this is a problem with the disc because this has happened on my brother’s PS4 with the same disc, but worked fine on my console. My guess is that i have to delete the game and buy it digitally or re-initialize the console again to wipe the data but any suggestions would be appreciated.

The save data has a couple of components. There’s the profile, which contains your heads and skins, golden keys, BAR, etc. And then there are the individual game saves. It sounds like the profile file on your PS4 has got corrupted somehow.

I know on PS4 there’s an option to delete save data locally, which should result in the cloud backup being used next time you start the game. A bigger problem, of course, would be if the cloud backup of the profile was also corrupt (or cloud backups had been disabled).

If you’re not sure of the procedure, or have specific questions about it, you can drop a line to the support desk first:

Note that you should get an automated reply with a ticket number fairly quickly, and a human response within 24-48 hours (depending on ticket volume).

I just tried the game again to screenshot the message for the ticket and it started to work, I think it properly reset the game data but I still kept my profile. the only issue now is how i can get my saves back from the cloud without causing the exact same problem.

Edit: Game crashed with same error during character creation, looking in to it to see if it will launch again.

2nd Edit: Game launched and i was able to get into the tutorial, now the only issue is how to properly get my saves back.

Final Update: I tried downloading my saves without the profile and they work. For anybody re-downloading their saves from the cloud DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE PROFILE, it is possibly the main reason any of this has happened in the first place.