[PS4] Game still unplayable for me, black screen after gearbox logo for the last year


I just finished making an account to explain my issue as my partner and I have been unable to play this game since we bought it and I have tried everything to get it working.

We have a normal PS4 and everytime there is an update I reinstall the game hoping it’ll finally work. The problem is, after launching the game it gets past the 2K and Gearbox logos then just freezes to black. Nothing happens. I have deleted the game and reinstalled, deleted any save data, restarted my PS4, hard restarted it and tried multiple other things and only once have we been actually able to play it a few months ago. Then ofcourse after closing the game we have been unable to reopen it.

Since it was a digital purchase I was unable to get a refund but it feels ■■■■■■ to have spent 60$ on release for a game that literally wont start. If anyone can help me fix this it would be great.

I’m having the same issue on PS4, did you ever get it to work?

Sometimes, but rarely. I filled in a support ticket but got most of the default responses. Its rare, on the times it would get to the claptrap loading screen it would sometimes freeze there too.

The only thing that sometimes worked was doing a full shut down, but it wasn’t that reliable.

They asked for a video of the bug but since it only did the first two logos, I couldn’t really clip it for them.