[PS4] Game unplayable

Hi there !
I recently bought Borderlands on PS4 but the game is unplayable. Since I killed Bone Head, the game crash after few minutes of playing.
When a patch to fix it.
I also can’t understand why some corrected bugs like the unlockable trophy for the Hunter are back.

Same here,
During a long game session ( 1 or 2h ), the game crash. I think the game is crashing during specific missions. For example, the missions “Brains” (DLC : The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned), the game is unplayable. It crash systematically.
I play on Borderlands Remastered PS4 edition.

Sorry for my english, i’m French.

Are you on PS4 Pro or PS4? Regardless, it would be appreciated if you would submit a bug report via a support ticket - the more information the developers have on locations and frequency of crashes on specific platforms, the more likely it is that they can isolate the cause and develop a fix.

I’m on PS4
I’ve submitted a ticket to the support yesterday but they reject the fault to Sony.

I said on the ticket I’m on PS4
I played in Co-Op
I runs the siren and my friend the soldier
The game started to crash after completing the mission of Bone Head and getting the vehicle.

I just forgot to say I was the host.

Did you try resetting your console in any way?

I tried to create a new game.
I still play in coop with my friend.
I’m running Mordecaï and he his running Brick.
We have cleared the Bone Head mission without any crash. We will see now if it will start to crash or not.
I didn’t change anything about the PS4

i play on PS4 pro the latest version, the game and the console are in French
the game and the console are running with the latest update

I continue to play with Mordecaï and around 4 hours of gameplay without crash.
I think the problem occurs when Lilith is played, or when Lilith is the host of the Co-Op game. I was able to complete the mission Crossing the Piss Wash Gully with Lilith by joining an online session.

no I play Mordecaï and this is the same
the game often crashes

Screen tearing and framerate issues as well. I don’t think they are gonna release a patch for it.

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I’ve setted my PS4 in english(US) and have no crash anymore.
I think the problem is with the french language (and perhaps others).

The problem start to occur after getting the vehicle (after Bone Head killed) and during DLC (crashes occur very often).