PS4 Gaming Buddies wanted

Hi there,

i did everything possible in BL2 on the PS3 and now i got the game for PS4. Problem is when playing alone i get bored quickly sometimes. So im searching a co-op buddie/buddies to play with me. I have a lvl 49 Krieg in TVHM and a lvl 10 Zero. I also started a new game So im searching for someone to run through TVHM with or start a new game with.

Im from Europe btw!
psn = gilleSplitr

Add me pan: MonkeyPig I’m on quiet a lot

Hi I have a level 19 gunzerker if you want to play. My psn is MrCheese411

Well I can start a new character with you I got a 54 gunzerker but I’ve been wanting a new character

I’d be up for startin a new character with you droP me a friend request psn: Wookin_Awesome

Hey everybody, tnx for the replies so far. I forgot to mention im from Europe! i think i’d be difficult to be online the same time with someone from other continent.

btw, my psn = gilleSplitr

You guys should add me too if you want, same thing for me. Just got PS4 but solo is getting lonely and tedious on UVHM (level 54 siren). Also have a level 18 mechro, and level 19 gladiator on Normal mode.

PSN username is naters01.

Pretty much always on lol.

I’d start a new character PSN ID =ForgottenAvenger

Who else is from Europe? Im thinking about only adding the people im sure i can play with

Currently running a 51 Mechro, from UK. Wouldn’t mind starting new characters though - admittedly not a massive fan of TPS though.

PSN - N7Danny

I have a 72 of all chars but an assassin. I’ll start a new game with zero. Add me on PSN
Gamer tag = armleggy

I only play BL2 since i dont like TPS either. Just started a new game with ForgottenAssasin. Currently lvl 7 already.

Wouldnt mind to start another game since i also want to start with a Siren

i am usually on, but am in california. weekends are doable.


got em all at op8, so i’ll play any thing

I’ll add you anyway, could always start a new character and catch up myself.


if you want i can start a new one with you aswell. Wouldnt mind playing a game with Siren

Siren is the best!

Hey, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I need someone to play BL2 with cause I’m getting bored of playing alone. I’ll start a new character with you. Add me at: TastiestOrange

Hey gian tnx for responding. I already started a new game but im just lvl 2 and at the point where im about to meet Hammerlock.

I started a new game with Danny but he ended up 10min in a menu so i couldnt travel to another place so ive quit and 5min later i saw he just kept playing on alone. So thats not what i am looking for.

At the time I was AFK getting food, so sorry about that D:

you could have atleast answered my 2 messages on psn. Or play further when you were back so i wouldnt get stuck with a lvl 2 character by myself