[PS4](H) Cloning Maddening Tracker, Elemental Projectors, 100/125 ASE guns including Redistributor and Ion Cannons, and more (W) List in comments

Guns: https://imgur.com/gallery/oEhAXOI

Everything else: https://imgur.com/gallery/bwo6xLV

Comment or DM with your offers! :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking for:

+100 ASE
• Fire Conference Call (or +125 to BNB)
• Spooling x2 Projectile Recursion (Coro/Shock)
• Pestilence

+125 Splash ASE
• Trevonator (Radiation / any except shock)
Annexed Ion Cannon (NE, Shock)

+50 Fire/Shock/Coro ASE
Low level Band of Sitorak
Low level Brawler Ward (Fire)
• Re-Charger (Shock, Corrosive)
Diluvian Firestorm (Fire)
• Cryo Recurring Hex (Fire, Shock)
• Rad Recurring Hex (Shock)
Longbow Storm Front (Shock)

• GRoll Spiritual Driver (+3 Mind, +2 Hands)
• GRoll Golden Rule (+3 Laid Bare)
• GRoll Elemental Projectors (Otto Idol / VR)
• GRoll Seein’ Dead (+5 Donnybrook)
• Anointed quest rewards

Will edit as I get more responses.

I have both Back Hams

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Do u still have CMT?

Yes, but keep in mind it’s level 50

What’s the anointed?

only lvl 50 tho

“On Grenade Thrown”