[PS4] (H) Gear for all classes - mostly Zane and Universal (W) List in comments

Hello, vault hunters. Looking to upgrade my Siren. Full bank of gear up for trade.

Zane: https://imgur.com/gallery/66xDxqE

Moze / FL4K / Amara / Terror: https://imgur.com/gallery/NbpXBvC

Universal: https://imgur.com/gallery/I8Paisf

Shields / Grenades: https://imgur.com/gallery/jySfb92

Artifacts: https://imgur.com/gallery/a91xcfa

Class Mods / ECHO-2s: https://imgur.com/gallery/pyirOq3

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100 ASE

  • Shock Cutsman
  • Shocker
  • Hellwalker
  • Double Penetrating Alchemist
  • Cryo/Rad x2 Nothingness
  • Cryo/Rad Insider
  • Cryo/Rad x3 Kyb’s Worth
  • Cryo/Corrosive/Rad Soulrender
  • x3 Night Hawkin (burst fire)
  • Fire Boom Sickle
  • Shock/Corrosive x20 Anarchy
  • any element x6 Dictator
  • any element Conference/King/Rowan/Queen Call (next 2 mags anoint OK)
  • any element Hyperfocus except shock


  • any element x2 Ion Cannon
  • any element Scourge
  • x2 Scoville

Bonus Elemental ASE

  • It’s Piss (Radiation)
  • Red Suit (Radiation)
  • Old God (Cryo/Cryo)

Phasegrasp Nova

  • Frozen Heart
  • Stop-Gap (elemental resist preferred)


  • Any +5 Class Mod
  • +3 Spiritual Driver
  • Elemental Projector Victory Rush w/AOE Damage and shotgun damage

Hey, I have shock cutsman and rad and kinetic hyperfocuses.

Would love to trade those items with your rad soulrender SNTL, seein dead weapon damage, mag size and AR damage and stagecoach ase 100

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This for your redistributor- shock - rakk attack

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I got an 100 ASE corrosive Soulrender, would like your shock scourge with sntnl.

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I would like to get your carder sntl 100% and yet sntl 100%

I have the old god cryo/cryo shield. I would like the sntnl anointed fire redistributor.

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