[PS4](H) Mostly 100%ASE, SNTNL, and Moze gear (W) Amara/melee gear, list in comments

Back again! Still have plenty items I’d like to trade for the listed melee gear and others. Comment or DM for PSN.

Pistols, SMGs, ARs: https://imgur.com/gallery/APBU0PT

Shotties, Heavies, Snipers, Shields, Grenades: https://imgur.com/gallery/2gktZ6n

Class Mods & Artifacts: https://imgur.com/gallery/RXVZxe7

Thank you!

Looking for:

100 / 125 ASE

  • Conference Call (Fire/Shock/Corrosive)
  • Pestilence
  • Hellshock
  • Krakatoa
  • Headsplosion

125 Splash ASE

  • ANNEXED SCATHING (x2) Ion Cannon (Fire/Shock/Corrosive)
  • Shock Everblast ++
  • Radiation Trevonator
  • Radiation Shrieking Devil
  • The Lob

50 Elemental ASE

  • It’s Piss (!)
  • Rad or Cryo Recurring Hex
  • LONGBOW Storm Front


  • Elemental Projector White Elephant (!)
  • Low Level Brawler Ward (!)
  • Spiritual Driver (Melee Damage) (!)
  • Nimbus (+5 Tempest)
  • Phasezerker (+5 Anima)
  • Snowdrift Victory Rush
  • Elemental Projector Victory Rush
  • Frozen Heart (Phasegrasp Novas)

Thank you!

*(!) = Priority gear, will trade extra for this

Hold up I just got a Krakatoa

With 100 are. I can give for Maggie with 100ase

Sounds good. I should be online in an hour.

Ok. I’ll add you

I have a cryo lob with 123 splash ASE, adding you rn.

Nice, I’m online now

What do you want though

Ill trade it for the Fire Rowan’s with SNTNL cryo please.

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I have the invite pending rn