PS4 Handsome Collection 3-Player Splitscreen Player indicators off center


We are having a blast playing Borderlands 2, but ever since we started playing dedicated three player splitscreen we discovered this unbearable bug that occurs -everytime- we play with three players. For the two players that have the smaller screens, the player indicators are offcenter. Considering splitscreen is usually something you do with family/friends, this ends up with these players getting constantly lost and frustrated. Below you find a video of the bug occuring on XBOX1, but it also occurs on PS4, where I am playing the game.

Is this getting fixed soon and on a more serious note, how does a bug like this even gets past testing phase and is still in nearly a year after launch?

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I have the same problem, i tried to redownload my game but i have still the bug. I don’t have this bug in the pre-sequel.