PS4 handsome collection bl2 network issue

Whenever I have new character from the main menu, I can go online. I change to character cross saved from ps3, i can go online in ps4 but after exit and turn off ps4 and on again, i cannot go online with that ‘ps3’ toon on the main menu.

So i experimented on instead of ‘ps3’ toon, i used new toon created from ps4 but contains loots imported from ps3. I cannot go online if this toon is on the main menu.

(remember i had done alot of trading during the hay day, so it might contain legit but gibbed items that i am not aware)
When i clear my ps4-created-toon of all loots imported from ps3, i can go online after on/off ps4.
In other word, either legit loots brought forward to ps4 cause the issue or legit but gibbed items. Presently, i can’t access ps3. It would be nice if someone with both ps3 and ps4 experiments from this angle.
Or maybe my ps4 handsome collection bl2 just broken with network issue.
Currently i can play online but without any thing from old ps3. Tedious but at least it is fresh.

I’d put in a ticket there @kenet_550111.

It is not an occurrence I’ve heard of before.

Thanks buddy but i don’t think that is a issue. This is what i found out after much frustration, parental controls! For those who just bought ps4 and never configure parental controls, do so. Not to restrict but to set ‘allowed’ on game setting. Default passcode is ‘0000’.