PS4 - Handsome Collection - Let's Be Friends! [Add Your PSN ID!]

Looking for PS4 gamers who are getting the Handsome Collection to play with. :smile:

I’ll be playing as Axton and Gaige first on BL2 and as Wilhelm and Claptrap on BL:TPS.

Add me, Cinemaniac388!!! See you online Vault Hunters!!!

Update! I’m currently playing BL2, I’ll start on TPS once I’ve finished my first playthrough. Currently playing with a lvl 30 commando.

Update 2! I no longer have the Handsome Collection. Got rid of it about a month ago. I platinumed BL2, and after beating TPS once, that campaign wasn’t really to my liking so I got rid of the game. Good luck with finding friends. I’m on Destiny and Dragon Age: Inquisition.


As it would seem we now have a section just for the Handsome Collection, I will move your thread there. :smile_cat:


@Cinemaniac_388- I edited your title so we can make this a thread everyone can use to connect. Hope you don’t mind! :smile:


PSN:KelsoHi2 looking forward to wrecking face with all!!!

Sweet! Thanks! I couldn’t find where the Handsome Collection thread was so I posted this, glad y’all could move it so everyone can find it.

@joekgbx I don’t mind at all! Happy the thread can help bring Vault Hunters together! Looking forwards to making new friends and gaming with everyone once the Handsome Collection releases!


HeadGear91 - I’ll be playing maya & zero on bl2 and nisha on TPS :slight_smile:

Mr_Matt - In the UK though so won’t be on PS4 until 27th March :frowning:

Have a collection of characters. Likely be using Gaige, Maya or Kreig on BL2 and on TPS Aurelia, Athena, Timmy or Athena.

Keen to try playing as Zer0 too as never really bothered much with him.

I already added you but anyone else feel free to add me on PSN: Keptoh

Psn: meat-rack
Anyone feel free to add me. I will play as Sal

I’ll be using my 72 Psycho in Borderlands 2, or making a new Doppelganger in PreSequel. Most likely the Doppelganger.

My PSN: Safeinmyrain.

I use a mic, share loot, I’m not a jerk like most, and I’ve spent many hours in all play-throughs of both games (except UVHM in PreSequel).

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psn leftyg83 im starting from scratch cant wait ppl add me aint got ppl to play with

psn bigcj23 plan on starting the pre sequel first since I haven’t played it yet first character will be wilhelm


Add me everyone I will play and help all

Add me I played blands2 siren to level 50, willing and happy to grind

My PSN name is Keifoon. Playing the prequel & BL2 from scratch since I can’t bring my 360 toons over. Add me if you’d like. Casual gamer that doesn’t take it seriously.

Hi im playing from start never got to finnish bl2
My psn is leftyg83 borderlands and dying light are my main games I rent everything else

My psn tag is axelrocks556

Add Me PSN: KelsoHi2

BL2: All Toons Lvl 72
TPS: All Toons Lvl 60(for now :yum:)

PSN: UNLO4D3D247 No real preference on which game I start with I’d just like to have some friends to co-op with.