PS4 - Have lvl 60 M10 Wed. Invitation. Looking to trade

So, I ran the valentine’s day event with a bunch of characters, but gearbox removed the event before I could redeem all my rewards. They’ve now added the ability to redeem old rewards, through the events menu (press square to cycle through them), so I redeemed a bunch.
I got what I wanted and now have a bunch of spare wedding invitations and terminal polyaimorus, all level 60, mayhem 10 and anointed with various anoints.

I’m looking for level 60, M10 loot in return. Ideally, takedown only and M6+ only gear, with good anoints. Message me and let me know what you’ve got?

would you be interested in a/some contained blasts? been farming that thing and have some extra.
cryo double shot with 200 damage while action skill active
corrosive with 200 damage while action skill active
fire with 200 damage while action skill active
corrosive with cryo ASE
rad with gamma burst anoint
corrosive double shot with gamma burst anoint
kinetic double shot with 300 bonus after phaseslam
kinetic 250 bonus after phasecast
kinetic double shot element cits deal 500 nova

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Do you have a wedding invitation with a 50/150 radiation or ASE 100/element dmg anointment? I’m willing to trade whatever is on my list below.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

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Hi there! My psn is kirkvisa. Do you have one with sntnl cryo damage? I’ve got a few good m10 weapons

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