(PS4)Help! I'm brand new to BL , looking 4 friends!

Hey to all that is reading this , I’m new to Borderlands and I really like it. I’m a noob tho and need a little guidance , plus it would be so much better with someone to play with. I just have lots of questions and things I need help understanding. And mainly I would just like to meet some chill people and have some fun. So message me on PlayStation. My psn is infested808. You can reach me on there any time of day. If I’m not on then leave a message and I will reply ASAP. Thanks everyone, hope to hear from you all!!!

Hey I’d love to join you, you still need people to play with?

Hey there! I’ve done a couple playthroughs on both games with different characters, if you want help or just to play my PSN is Cjarmadda1.

add me if you would like! i have only started a Pre-Sequel Story and not a BL2 as it was all on my Playstation 3 and i couldnt transfer it, but i am still willing to help on BL2! add me :slight_smile: xChivasChaos

Im only level 50 on tps and level 35 on bl2 psn is drinkingcloud

I’m looking for a regular player, but I’m not sure which time zone you’re at. I’m at GMT+7. It’s kinda hard to find players.

Some players added me for Borderlands, but they never play Borderlands anymore. lol

Hey, Nurze - can I ask your PSN?

Ill throw you an add…psn is “gitters9000”. Although ive mainly been playing bdl 2. Lvl 24 gumzerker

I’m on the east coast but I’m up very weird hours so message me on psn: infested808

Which level(s) are u atm, Nicholas? / Zerkus

still looking for buddies? my PSN is mellowyellow4565

Axton level 15, sadly. All my old game data was erased and I had to start over, but i’ve been playing a ton and trying to push forward as fast as I can.

When u next in the game, u think?

im about to play in 15 minutes, you want to join me?

send me a message on PSN: infested808 add me

Done :white_check_mark:


Add me: peet_a_

I’m also looking to level up (second time playing) and trading things.