Hey guys!

So far there is only one team registered along with my team (still pending).
There are three free agents registered as well, though I wanted to ask if anyone else on here is interested in participating?

I’m not falling for this April Fools Day prank
Good try sir!


What are the prizes?

It’s not an april fools prank xD
It’s on battlefly haha.
@HandsomeCam From what I was told there would be in game prizes, though I’m not a part of HGL staff so I cannot confirm this. Though, I will ask via discord sometime during my lunch today (:
@BaconianOne GREAT!(: I think the free agents need one more player to have a team together. I know a few of those guys and they’re pretty darn good.
I’m also thinking of asking some of my team members to set up pick up teams to have more teams available for the tournament just to have more teams. Though, I need to confirm with them first. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to try to pick people up from in game matches! I’m sure not everyone who plays BB is involved in the forums. Just keep in mind that ALL legendary gears are banned

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I’m signed on as a free agent. There’s been discussion that Midnight Club will split up and form more teams and members of Dunk Squad will do the same. Not confirmed yet but it’s something to take note of, we might get some more teams here soon.

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Awesome. can someone tag hoho in this regarding this subject? Also a member from midnight club, I know I won’t have my official team registered in view of the fact that I’'m having them prepare for another game.
I’m currently waiting on confirmation from the players I’ve asked, I’m looking at the free agents as well. We will see what happens at the end of the day. I’ve been trying to spread the tournament as much as possilble.
Does anyone know if TheSarevok is in the forums? I know they usually run 5’s as well.

Hmmm, Sarevok could probably get a team together. He’s well connected.

Paging @Dr_H0H0 for Dunk Squad status.

Paging @lolattheseforums, @shadowhaven, @Nemosis327 for Midnight club status.

I am currently trying to get a team together.

I’m currently trying to find out how many of us can participate and then break off and form teams from there. Hopefully we can get 3 more teams by splitting.

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working until 4pm cst tomorrow ;_; im off sunday though. and next saturday.

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Ah, i was just yanking your chain; i’m not good enough to fight all these big scary elites…

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I would, but there’s ■■■■ happening at my house an hour after the tourney starts I’m pretty sure, I will letcha know more later.

Damn, everybody is busy this weekend.

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We have our core team registered on battlefly (I think) and we were thinking of splitting it up and dividing into multiple teams.

Nemo. Split off from MC and join me. I’m trying to get a team together.

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I will know more later tonight. It all depends on an inspection of house and what time it is. Cause we all have to leave the house. If it falls right when it needs to happen, sorry I cannot, if it’s sometime I can squeeze in (depending on the time frames again) I could try to sign-up

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Ah, come on it’ll be fun! (;

Not for me; i’m a Toby main…

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Toby, the infinitely harass-able. Unless you accidentally go mostly melee. Then it’s cry time.

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We’re only forming one team I’m pretty sure. Oh and Sarevok’s with us.

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Register anyway (;