(Ps4) How's the game?

How’s everyone doing today? Good I hope.

I was wondering how active and populated the game is right now. I haven’t played since the ps4 beta and was thinking about getting it again. Thanks!!

Assuming you’re getting it for five dollars (or at least under ten), you really don’t have much to lose. The PvE content alone is worth it…

Well i just want to know how many people are still playing. Is it dead? Is it still slightly active?

Some times are better than others, but it typically doesn’t take more than 2-5 minutes max to find a match in PVP for me, though i do live in Chicago with good internet; your experience may vary.

Stand by for times solo.

Quick match: after 2:27 couldn’t find one team mate solo que so I jumped to incursion


Found a friendly team in under a minute at 2:23 still waiting on an enemy team

Found match in incursion at 4 minutes, 23 seconds

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Happy forum-versary, Loving!


Thanks @HandsomeCam,

And quick match was 5 minutes give or take a little.

So @pssrdavis hope that helps

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I’ve never had too much trouble finding games on PS4, although there have been some instances where matchmaking has taken longer than usual, but that was probably due to me playing at awkward times.

As for the community, apparently PS4 has the largest playbase. Us forumers also have a PSN chat dedicated to Battleborn too. Most of us can be found lingering in the chat on a regular basis, so you’d never have trouble finding a group.


I’d say about a 5 minute average from Q’ing till you find an opposing team to face. Isn’t that bad, honestly.

PC I hear is dead though. But we’re not talking about PC. PS4 is still very much alive. Get the game, have fun. It’s cheap and well worth it for what it’s worth.

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not sure. i just logged in again for the first time in months. i mostly play PVE and its a ghost town right now. what is the peak time for this game?

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Normal is a ghost town for me, most people(especially new people it seems) go straight to advanced

odd. it always used to be the other way. i guess the population is so low now its only people in the certain modes

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Honestly I do pve solo normally unless I’m planning to carry some folks through

Pvp on Xbox is still pretty active at night est time. Any other time during the day, you’ll be in queue for quite some time (including weekends)

bad, too bad.

It’s alive and well, I think the PS4 community it perfectly fine. Especially when you group up with others.

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Its totally worth the price. I can find a game in about a minute.
I’d definitely suggest getting the season pass as well for the instant unlock of the 5 extra characters and all of the ops missions. again, totally worth the extra few bucks.

Is rly cheap and totally worth it, pvp can take from 2 to 5 min, solo can take up to 5 min to find a team but once u get one is pretty fast.