[PS4] I am fairly certain The Renegade's final boss' drop rate is broken

Hello Everyone,

A few details:

I only play advanced hardcore solo to grind legendary gear.
Here are my facts:

Fact #1) I have done ~40 advanced hardcore algorithm runs (confirmed through my stats page) and have in that time received ~20 legendaries (3 of those from ISIC, the final boss - I’m still trying to get the pacifier). Some observations from these runs: on advanced hardcore (not sure if it is the same on lower difficulties) I will often see a boss drop several items (but not guaranteed). Pretty much every time I’ve gotten a legendary I have seen at least two items drop. My guess is that the “extra” item is how advanced hardcore gains it’s higher drop rate that it purportedly has.

Fact #2) I have done the Renegade on advanced hardcore solo about 25 times. In this time I have seen 0 legendaries from Hylis (the only boss on the mission) and I have NEVER seen him drop an additional item.

Although I realize that it is possible that I have simply been really unlucky, my total drop rate on algortithm per boss is ~10% (20 legendaries / 160 boss kills is 12.5%. Let’s say I’ve done more boss kills since I used to sometimes die before reaching isic, and also that I’ve been lucky). Unless I’ve been incredibly lucky, this should be a ballpark good estimate on what the drop rate should be for an advanced hardcore boss kill. At this probability, the odds of me getting 25 non-legendary drops in a row from Hylis is 0.9^25 ~ 7.1%. This is still a fairly high probability, but this PLUS the fact that I’ve never seen hylis drop > 1 item (of any quality) seems a bit sketchy to me.

Even if this is not a bug, but intended behaviour, it is a bit ridiculous. 25 advanced hardcore solo runs to not see a single legendary from a boss is … obscene.


Additionally, if gearbox could shed some light on drop rates, that’d be great.

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20 legendaries from 40 runs?? You’ve been ridiculously lucky. Legendaries at a 12.5% drop rate is about 12.4% higher than normal. Hylis is definitely the worst boss to grind in my experience, but yeah… I think your expectations might be just slightly skewed… :sweat_smile:


2 days ago I received back to back legendaries from henchman and Geoff on 2 man regular normal mission. I’ve never received any legendaries from hardcore or advanced. I’ve received over 22 - 25 (some duplicates) legendaries in around 190 missions. All on normal regular mostly public.

Jailer Hylis has dropped me back to back legendaries in 2 missions before, I’ve slso got 4 vow of vengeance and 2 stable executioner to drop from Hylis as well. None of his other drops. Can’t check right now but i think I’ve ran renegade around 40 times or so. All legendaries from normal.

Ive also had x2 loot packs drop from plenty of normal runs so that has nothing to do with advanced hardcore. Advanced/Hardcore having more chance is all just speculation

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ive done him over 75 times now got 4 stable executioners and 2 vow,s every one says nerf alanai pffft clearly drops rates are to high right now

The Legendary recoil reduction mod from Hylis is the only one I have a spare of. I must have been given yours by mistake. Gearbox, we need a trade function now this has cropped up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: tone sounded a bit stroppy/overly urgent. Was intended as joke. :slight_smile:

I got a stable executioner my first time on normal mode. I think you might just be unlucky, and I just might be really lucky.

Your drop rate was insane.
Also, I’ve never gotten anything on advanced/hardcore. I’d advise dropping to normal for now :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind your going from 4 bosses to one boss. So technicaly if you want to compare youve done 160 Algorithm runs compared to 25 Renegade runs.

Ive done 65 Renegade runs and ive never seen him drop a single legendary. Theres alot of RNG involved thats for sure.

What character and setup are you using to farm?

No, I took that into account. I’ve done 40 runs, 160 bosses. I’ve grown to like marquis best for Algorithm farming. Kleese is my preference for The Renegade.

Just 25 runs? HA! try 110.