(PS4) I still cant access DLC even though I bought it

As the title says, i bought the DlC the other day. It says it is in the queue to download, but its the only one in the line. Everytime i hit the poster for the dlc, the option to download just doesnt exist

Go to Downloads and check progress.

I had to go to the psn store go to search enter bounty of blood then when it pop up I enter through that and downloaded it .

I had to select season pass and then install from there.

I own the season pass. Lol

Update: To be specific, i have it bought over the psn shop. It wont appear in game a

nd it will not let me download the add on.

Make sure your disc is the same region as PSN account.
Also try downloading directly on console.

It is the same region as my psn. It wont pop up on the PSN store, just the website. I have it purchased but it still wont let me download

Did you tried typing Bounty of Blood into search?

Yeah, strangely even though I have the season pass, I have had to search for the DLC on the PS Store and manually download it.

Go to the PS store through the internet. After signing in, search for Bounty of Blood and you should be able to download it from there. That’s what worked for me.

The dlc doesn’t automatically download for some stupid reason. I just went to the store searched borderlands 3 bounty of blood and downloaded it from there.