[PS4] In need of an unstuck command

Whilst playing on sentinel yesterday I managed to get myself stuck in the scenery towards the end of the level, whilst moving over a bridge I was pushed off by one of the Pistons and as I fell I ended inside one of the pillars, this is where I was then stuck for the next 10 minutes + whilst the rest of my team took on the final boss.

I am sure that there are other places throughout the game where people might get stuck and to avoid frustration it would be really great if an unstuck command or suicide button was implemented. Fortunately my team managed the boss without me so it wasn’t a disaster, but if we had wiped that would have been a pretty poor player experience.

Just seen that this is already covered here :http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/battleborn-suggestion-mega-list-2-0/1426254

Since its covered in another thread I’ll close this one