PS4 increased crash rate (post 01SEP2016 patch)

Wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else… recently me and my team are finding ourselves getting blue screened on the PS4 incredibly frequently during PVP matches, to the point where our entire team will get kicked from a match, resulting in a loss.

The next time it happens (I am fairly sure it will) I will post an error code, but for now I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing issues like this. Most frequently seen in Public Incursion (Overgrowth).


had the same happen to me a few days ago with a 5 man team, everyone except 1 was kicked via bluescreen

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Happening fairly frequently for me as well since last Thursday’s patch.

Like I had been kicked from a game I think one time before last Thursday and it’s happened three times since then to me but also various team mates have been kicked out of games ive been playing, both on my team and the other.

Something weird is definitely going on…

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I think this has happened twice now to me. One time could reconnect, one time couldn’t. I actually didn’t think anything of it till now.

I haven’t had any problems, but I haven’t played in around 5 days.

PSN was down frequently, and it may be causing connection issues? I dunno.

I would like to think it is related to PSN, seeing as they’ve gone down twice in the past three weeks for a few hours, but I am not sure how the error code relates. The one I’m seeing is pretty common, and the PSN bug codes state it is related to application-based glitches/bugs (CE-34878-0). A quick google link supports this, but I won’t post external links here.

Since posting, we’ve had 3 additional disconnects across about 20 games, I noticed this time, however, that 3-4 of the enemy team players have been disconnected simultaneously. I don’t know if this is serious/widespread enough to constitute ‘game-breaking,’ but it is definitely annoying considering it takes, on average, 1.5 minutes to rejoin a game.

@epicender584 If you cannot reconnect to the game in progress, check your match history, it is likely you lost the match due to the entire team disconnecting

I did lose the match unfortunately. I checked a while back

Whatever’s going on with PSN as of late, they need to fix it.

It seems to come in spikes.

I had a beautiful 2 hours of PVP just now, then, in the last hour, I get blue screened out once (was able to rejoin) and multiple false start for my last match.

I hsd stuff like this happen exactly TWICE from open beta til last Thursday.

I haven’t had that issue

It’s definitely gone up, and for some reason seems to repeatedly target the same people on the same day. My friend disconnected three or four times the other day, and each time at least two other people disconnected with him. I had the same thing happening to me today, which enemies disconnecting each time.

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Not sure if it’s targeting people, would have to have a much wider sample size, but I will say that it’s happened to me several times today, and I’m probably going to reset my game data to see if it has any impact.

Not sure how to bring it to the attention of a dev but I’ll tag @JoeKGBX if it hasn’t been brought to anyone’s attention yet.

Got REALLY bad for a few hours in the late afternoon / esrly evening today.

It’s not like I’ve tested it extensively, but on the couple of days that I’ve played this week it did it repeatedly to one player on one day and repeatedly to another player on another day and never to anybody else in our party.

Closed game and error message for me happened a bunch today it also seemed really laggy in pve :no_mouth:.
It also kicked my two friends at the same time once when we were in incursion. We came back for a win but our teammates must’ve been confused :ok_hand:.
ps4 needs your halp :heart: @Jythri @JoeKGBX :no_mouth:

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Copy that, got blue kick from pre-made 5-team 3 nights ago.

First time in a while.

Impossible to rejoin match or even enter game after, had to close down system (and go to bed).

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