PS4 input lag is crazy!

There is undeniable input lag on the base ps4 when playing borderlands 3. Is this a simple performance thing since BL3 is a huge ass game? When I compare the input response to COD Modern warfare it’s like night and day. Cod plays buttery smooth and is super snappy, where BL3 is sluggish and impossible to aim accurately. Is there going to be a fix for this? I love the game but just wish it was more polished.

Did you try checking the sensitivity and dead zone settings in the control options? The game is set up with quite different defaults to previous entries, but you do have more options.

The other thing is that if you’re on base PS4, the game is 30fps instead of the 60 from Handsome Collection, so it may feel less responsive due to that.

Thanks for the reply VaultHunter101, yes I have tried the full spectrum of options and even reducing my ps4 resolution down to 480p. Messed with my tv options as well and reset my controllers, even used the Usb cable and it is still not very responsive. You get used to the delay but you can never really be a great shot. Heard it is better on the Pro but not worth 400 dollars just to play the same game. I was just hoping that Gearbox would address this issue… there are a lot of people stressing over this. Such an amazing game otherwise.