Ps4 inventory deleted from splitscreen!

My fiance and I were going to start playing splitscreen and when I jumped in we were going to up the mayhem level since she hadn’t played for 3 or 4 months. So we start and go to Sanctuary 3 so I could pass some old weapons to her. I go to my vault and pull the weapons out to give her and as I start spitting them out I notice ALL 34-36 items of my inventory are GONE, DELETED, NON-EXISTENT!! Obviously all that gear is some hard work and now I don’t even want to play the game. It’s there ANYTHING that can be done about this? Or am I SOL?

Well, this is the PC support forum, not PS4. But, disheartening to hear of your problems. This was a big problem for a while after launch but haven’t heard much since? I bring mules into Sanctuary (so, split screen) all the time and haven’t run into the problem yet (knock on wood). I’d suggest communication with support directly. They might give you a bunch of shift codes to help you along? 34-36 items isn’t very much – you just start playing? You were online & had the hotfix notice show up on the main menu?

Moved you to the PS4 section. You can file a support ticket using the link in the pinned thread in the top of this section.

Do you have PS+ with cloud save by any chance? Or your own backups on USB?

in the beginning this was a huge problem but I haven’t heard of anyone having it again. It sucks, just always make sure to let the hotfixes load. Also make sure their not cloud saved, sometimes that may cause an issue from my own experience.