PS4 Iron Bear Bug

I have been getting a problem where I jump into Iron Bear and am missing fuel. This started happening after last hotfix.

I thought it was a UI problem at first, but it actually appears that I am missing fuel and it is also screwing with cooldown time when ejecting early.

Anyone else having this problem?

Edit: thanks for responses, I kind of wish this change was included in patch notes though…

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I’m on xbox and haven’t experienced this, so it might be ps4 specific.

If you are specced into Stainless Steele and summon Iron Bear the fuel gauge will show up at about 80% full but it is actually all the way full. This is so if you kill something as soon as you enter IB, you won’t end up loosing the Bonus fuel from the kill.

Edit: Meant SS not DL!

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it’s a visual glitch caused by stainless steel bear. then +20% fuel extends the fuel bar, but you do actually get the bonus 20%. i’ve tested it and so has a few others.


That makes me feel better, what about when you eject early from it? Have you noticed it taking longer to cooldown with fuel change?

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yeah, 5 points in stainless seem to add about 10 second to cooldown if you exit immediately

went from 37s to 47s (without shield equipped)

Oops yeah Stainless Steel not Deadlines!

I’ma edit my post! You smell me doe! :kissing_heart:

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