PS4 Is HomeWorlds Future

If ya look at my post it’s no secret that I have been an advocate for HomeWorld remaster development for the PS4.
My reason for this is longevity and see the base expand well beyond steam, some have argued that HomeWorld wouldn’t work on the PS4 because of it’s 3D architecture and that’ just not the case with the PS4 and I know this for fact, because of Sony’s DS4 controller.
Now I have asked game developers I know personally and all them said it was not without a challenge to map the controls on the PS4, but the benefits out way cost and time, if for nothing more than increasing sales and increasing the HomeWorld community.
All that aside, I know HomeWorld 1 & 2 will sell well in the PlayStation store, so much so to cover all cost of both pc and PS4 builds.
The Ironic part of all this that I stated Gearbox knows this too, why else would Bit be mute on the subject? because he can’t win the argument.



That’s the only reasonable explanation.

I’m sure a ps4 could run homeword easy, but controls would be a challange, and as for the cost, I’m sure if it was going to be as easy/profitable as you say they would have done it.

And I’m not sure how big of a community it would have, there would be no modding, and almost all the Homeworld community is on PC.

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Can you use KB&M on PS4?
Even so, like Sandymans said, no modding on PS4 and the game will survive off of modding.

You could on Ps3 iirc.

Not sure about ps4

If you have to buy one of those input converters just to use KB&M on ps4… Pretty sure the “PS4 Homeworld future” will be a short one.

And you don’t know what your talking about, I just finished a closed beta that rotates the camera 360 in every angle using the DS4, so stop being troll.
And news for ya there, I’ve been part of relics community day 1 and all of my Socom clan members are avid HomeWorld fans.

Question: What makes DS4 so much better for Homeword compared to Xbones controller?
Shouldn’t this thread be “Consoles are Homeworlds Future”?

The touchpad on the DS4 works the same as a laptop, the X1 controller doesn’t have that feature.
They don’t even have to map out the DS4, im playing Warthunder and Blacklight using mouse and keyboard on the PS4.

Then why not Wii U? It has a damn touchscreen in the middle which would work a million times better than both controllers.

Also, Sandman isn’t a “troll” pls.


2 things:

1, Shouldn’t this be on the Homeworld boards?

2, This isn’t second grade ffs. Namecalling will gett you nowhere.


You all think HomeWorld has to have mods to see success on the console, and that just isn’t case. You all think HomeWorld on the console can’t be done on the PS4 because of camera rotation, Kingdoms UnderFire 2 puts that view point to rest.
The point of this, there is no real reason Gearbox can’t do HomeWorld on the PS4.

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Also, don’t call out devs. Bit works on graphics, and has no info regarding publishing. He doesn’t even comment on gameplay, so I don’t know why you’re expecting him to comment at all.

Also, namecalling, although popular elsewhere, is not welcome here. Please don’t do that. If it helps, pretend you’re not on the internet.

Where are you getting your projected sales figures from, btw?

In the past three console generations, nobody’s managed to crack doing a 2D RTS on a controller satisfactorily. A 3D RTS is never going to happen.

PS4 Is HomeWorlds Future

After 1 hour of laugh, i can say. No, there is no future for RTS on consoles…



It’s so very difficult to comment on this. I cannot recognize the desire for Homeworld on a console as a serious suggestion. It’s entirely ridiculous.


Guys, please do not feed. He has been doing this on the Steam forums too. And on YouTube.

Just to repeat.

If you find any posts troublesome, FLAG THEM. Sure, I’m sceptical of the idea, and think there are issues with how it’s being presented, but that doesn’t make the OP a troll. I’m pretty sure it’s a sincere suggestion.

Yes there trolling and you know it, but it’s ok im use to Gearbox , and see that it’s exceptable policy if your a console gamer.

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I literally just asked people to not namecall. Suspended for 2 days. We don’t allow platform wars here, most of the mods and forum staff own consoles, too, so don’t imagine that kind of bias.