PS4 - Isn't something wrong with Guardian Takedown?

Done twice the Guardian takedown and God knows that this is a long run and boss fights are hard to overcome. With a friend, we finally did it. After 2 hours of game, I had to solo both bosses because my friend died in the way.
At the end, I got no dedicated drop from any bosses and only my friend got each time from each boss.
I found this disgusting to gain nothing on my side as I play in co-op mode and we do not see the same loot.
This is not only a matter of luck or chance. In each run, I was the host of the game.
Can this be explained to me?
This makes me feel not willing to play the takedown anymore.

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Yea, the guardian takedown rewards are booty for the effort it takes. It’s one of the constant complaints on the forums here.


That’s part of the Takedown fun. It took four attempts before the <aliwan Takedown was actually properly dropping the dedicated drops.

Guardian Takedown will eventually get fixed, but it will take them a while to get it right.