PS4 issues with sound, Dialog, gun shots, etc

Today I started to notice that the sounds in the game stop working. Not all the sounds, but the dialog, gun effects drop out completely.


It started off like that for me but now there are absolutely no sounds.

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It started when I got to Jacobs estate…now it’s happening everywhere I go…going to look at re installing the game…


I’ve had the issue with sound loss as well, just on eden 6 though. Save/quit and start again and it seems to temporarily work.
Edit: I was wrong now it’s not helping at all. Dialogue is broken completely and it’s actually pretty game breaking for me.


Same issue, here ps4 no sound at all now and I can’t figure out a fix


Ditto here. It started on Athenian and then got worse on Eden 6. Quit/Restart still seems to work for a sec but yeah…bummer.

Same issue. Started at the beginning of Eden 6 and got progressively worse, now I get no sound at all often. Completely ruining the game for me, had to quit playing.

I also have the same issue. It really sucks to basically not have any audio.

After starting a second character and still having no audio I deleted and reinstalled the game, audio is back but for how long I don’t know. I’m now almost 3 hours of story line in silence have no idea what’s going on and have to run a second character up to the same spot so I can understand.

Same problem here, dialogs and sound in Eden-6 are not working, hope they fix this quickly.

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Same here…

I am having the same issue, any ideas on how to fix?

Same issue was only in co-op, but now happening in solo as well…

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Can we get some sort of response, is this issue being looked at, is there a fix coming? This completely breaks the game and I’m considering requesting a refund.

Any update at all on this being looked at?

having the same issue. it still works on a reset but I am not optimistic based on this thread.

I’m having the same issue. At first restarting the game would fix it. Now it only lasts for like 5 seconds before there’s next to no audio. I don’t even want to play it anymore Now.

This happened to me last night. I didn’t lose sound completely. I couldn’t hear certain guns, my footsteps. Some of the Dialog. Also seems like some sounds were very faint.

It seems to have happened after I got blasted and nearly downed by some baddie with a rocket launcher. As if the game was trying to emulate what would happen if you where too close to a big explosion. Thing is, sound doesn’t come back until I restart the game and then it seemed kinda hit or miss.
Is my Zane experiencing hearing loss? Does Atlas manufacture hearing aids?

Seriously though, just wanted to chime in and will file a support ticket here in a bit. The sound in the game is awesome when it’s working correctly.


I’m also having this issue on PS4… It’s getting consistently worse and is definitely irritating.

Happened lastnight while playing circle of slaughter with a couple of friends. Noble and myself started experiencing noises missing. We restarted to game, he got the audio back but I, on the other hand, lost more. I didn’t think anything about it really being an issue until I went to start playing about 10 minutes ago. I’m currently in a single player match with my headphones on and I can hear absolutely nothing…