PS4 kyb's worth Fire/coro wanted ( big mag)

Hi, looking (and farming) for a kyb’s worth fire/coro or fire/cryo with BIG MAG for my move build…

Last stand otto idol (splash dmg/radius, 40% clip, grenade dmg/radius, weapon dmg, smg dmg)

Blast master 1 redistribution, 3 sacred pin, 1 vampyr (with bonus above)

I have some (a lot) gear to trade if you want so don’t hesitate to ask for…
I’m french, Moze lover (but playing flak and zane too, not amara yet but friends does) and I farm a lot (DLC include)
guardian level 464…

I have a kyb’s worth fire/cryo x3 with 125% splash on ASE. Have a last stand otto idol with shotgun dmg and magazine size if that’s useful.

Do you have items for the Moze tediore build? Looking for redundant facepuncher that applies terror, anointed it’s piss grenade or better rolls of bloodletter and cutpurse deathless.

add me on psn DENEURONE

then message me what are you looking for, I’ll drop you some gear on your game…

Okay, thanks! I’ll add you later tonight when I get home.