Ps4 launch progress lost?

so when this game launches out of Beta are we going to lose progress like PC? I hope not considering everyone on ps4 will see it on the psn store right now. I get the PC thing it will be in stores for people who never knew it existsed but 90% of the people who own a ps4 know about this game by now news travels fast. Especailly something thats free 2 play like warframe for example.

ignore the below, I was being sarcastic.

// Nope. PS4 users get to keep all of their things, as an agreement between Sony and 2K. #PS4MasterRace

< /snark>

SWEET!!! it does make sense though that we do I am so thankful. I also bought the game well pre-ordered.


I was being sarcastic. you know that, right? You haven’t seen the other fifty threads about this same thing?

I thought the progress gets lost???
What is if I don’t want my progress to be saved?

This sarcasm of yours is not helping what so ever and is just confusing people.

Please stop, thank you.

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i did a search and nothing came up so no I havent seen all these threads you mentioned.

You’re right, I’m sorry. I just got fed up with it and let my attitude get the better of me. I’ll keep it in check.

The basis for not letting us keep it is so that day one is an even playing field (some people dont like beta testing, didn’t want the 8gig download, etc).

Also, the lost sarcasm (even though it caused confusion) gave me a giggle.

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I searched for “Beta Progress”

Let me know if that doesn’t give you the right information.

I searched Ps4 progress lost?

I get the even playing field but everyone has the opportunity on the ps4 right now to play it’s not limited. its fine I have my answer it’s up to the devs I can respect that just don’t agree with it.

Ah it is a preference thing. Another thought on it though; with the beta testing they are checking character balance. At the start if you played gali or ambra you would have abnormal stats as they were a tad…ok very overpowered. Resetting with release will allow people to not have effected achievments based on these broken characters (also unkillable kelvin and super nuke orendi).

Personally none of that matters to me, I just want to be able to play Toby asap!!