Ps4 league opening stream feedback and explanation

Right off the bat I want to thank @blainebrossart1, @vagrantsun, and Kevin for their help with the first stream of the ps4 league.

Of course there were issues as this was literally my first time casting a game with Blaine. One of the most prominent problems is the fact that since I was too busy worrying about the stream i forgot to set twitch to archive my streams automatically since it has that off by default. For that I do apologize, and have made sure to remedy the issue.

Just in case that wasn’t clear that means that you CANNOT go back and rewatch the opening games of the ps4 league.

Again, I apologize.

Moving forward, I am requesting feedback form people who were present for the stream give feedback on ways to improve the stream itself. I have a few changes queued already, however all help is appreciated to make these events as professional and enjoyable as possible. We hit a peak of about 45 viewers in the middle of the night so it can’t have been awful, but I’m curious as to your opinions.

Thank you kindly.


Didn’t watch the stream, but your post here is very professional and concise, so on that I’ll say very very good and I look forward to catching future streams

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Nope not me.


Thank you! Was worried they weren’t going to be archived! :heart:

But yeah, I sent you & Blaine a direct message after the stream, so you virtually already know my standpoint.

If I’m going to be really nit-picky here to try and offer some constructive criticism, I’d say this;

###Things to improve on

  • A “proper ending”. As I said to you on PSN, just a few minutes to re-cap the past matches. How’d they go, why did it go the way it went, who were highlight players etc. This could also be a good time to bring up when the next match is and which teams are going up against each other then.

  • Switch team colours to avoid confusion of there being an “allied” team and an “enemy” team. They’re team 1 & 2 and could be better represented using colours that are not associated with any particular allignment (ally/enemy), White-Yellow as an example. There were a comment or two that refered the red team as “the enemy” which is not necessarily the effect you want from it.

  • Try to broaden your focus on the characters. What I mean by that is that in this stream, Pendles got a lot of attention merely for being Pendles which somewhat overshadowed other events in the matches.

  • Showcase different player’s gear more often to give everyone a better sense of why certain things are the way they are. Why Marquis is hiting like a truck or why Orendi is incredibly beefy for instance.

  • Try to look at the radar more so you can earlier callout when various things are happening. It took a while sometimes to callot when Caldarius was backdooring and when an opponent came to get him away. They’re always on the radar, so you can tell when they’re making their way over for the most part.

###Things you got right

  • You talkied to each other rather than only commenting the game as if though the other one wasn’t there. It’s good when you intertwine each other with dialogue as hosts to give a sense of fluidity to the experience.

  • You gave props accordingly, regardless of team perfomance. You called out when a Benedict did good even though he was on the losing team and when a Rath could’ve done more damage while he was on a winning team. It’s not white and black, and that’s great!

  • You gave context for references not everyone will understand and looked beyond the matches themselves. Phist Phorce was recognised as a team who lacks experience in Draft, and that’d be interesting to see how they’ll develop over the next few weeks, which may be the best example of this.

And I think that’s about it!

As said though, this waa arguably the only Battleborn stream I’ve enjoyed watching!


I agree with the above for the positive points. I think it also helps that I know both of your personalities already as well. I like hearing both of your guys voices(tho I think Blaines is better) so all the commentary was pleasant to the ears.

I was a little bummed to hear you guys weren’t in the league but am just as excited to research these particular broadcasts with you guys commentating them!


Not in the league? We’re going up against them in 8 hours & 20 min! :sweat_smile:

Here are the teams;

The ones on the right entered as pre-mades, the ones on the left had Captains draft from the pool of players that the rest of us were in.


We are in league. 2 actually.

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My brother. I had him mod for me with vagrant and hellyeah. He’s a mod for a COD channel with a few thousand subs so he likes that stuff and has experience with it.


Blaine voice was made for radio. Mine was made for ■■■■ talking and memes. I think it shows…


It’s going to be great. The former captain of DPS Mikos going against the very team he created.

@Conwood @Ashbweh @SirWalrusCrow
You guys make sure to do me proud. If Miko doesn’t get first blood in at least one of the matches than my legacy is dead.


Huh had not found there names glossing over the list like twice lol

I actually wanna say one of the first times I ever heard Blaines voice I told him how great it is.

There’s a very interesting inflection and how you say things in your voice nemo that I still find pleasant to listen to though

You would not believe how often I’ve been told I should get a job in radio or something similar.

Yes! I don’t sound compleatly retarded! Sometimes.


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Nice, thanks for doing this. There was plenty of criticism in stream (constructive and otherwise) but this is a smart way to bring it together into an organized “to do” list of sorts, and I applaud your receptiveness to criticism.

-Appreciate that you guys know the game well enough to look past what’s going on at face value; sometimes a quick foray into strategy or tactics helps put the gameplay in perspective
-I like that you comment on team comps and their strengths, and talked about which team was general draft and which was pre-made to dispel any misconceptions about balance and favoritism
-You pronounce character names correctly. seriously. (I got a lot of mileage out of “ghant” from the choctaw qualifier but I couldn’t stand listening to that caster’s callouts e.g. “freezey bullets”, “causing muckus”, etc.)

-Camera work. I’m sure this sort of thing takes practice and will improve naturally over time, but specifically I felt like there was much too much third-person, character-specific camera focus rather than a broader birds-eye view. There were a number of times where I knew things of interest were going on elsewhere on the field, or even behind the character you’d chosen to shadow, but I had to infer what happened because I couldn’t see what was going on. It seems self-limiting to remain on the same perspective for longer than ten seconds or so unless they are really running the game somehow. It sometimes felt like we as spectators were confined to “playing in someone’s shoes” rather than knowing what’s going on everywhere in the grander sense.
-Sometimes you guys would go too deep down the rabbit-hole of balance and character discussion; there was a moment where discussion of alani became your focus to the extent that you seemed to forget to change the camera for a few minutes and neglected talking about what was going on right then in the game. Ultimately I think you guys are knowledgeable enough to give nice little character insights every now and then but remember that the focus should really remain on the game at hand rather than broader balance discussions (maybe that stuff is better suited for the draft phase).

Otherwise, I think WalrusCrow had some good QoL things that he mentioned in terms of color changes and stuff. Beyond that it was a fairly fun stream, and I quite appreciate that you aren’t leaving it to players to stream for themselves.


Agreed. I forgot to mention this in my post above, but I think it really helps that they know most, if not all players in the league and can associate them with certain game modes, characters, friends etc. It really helps to have informed hosts. Not only about the game itself, but about the participants as well.

Same here. There will be participants streaming their own footage, but this’ll be the only stream along with Nemo’s personal stream when he plays that I’ll be watching. I’m mostly curious as to who will host in games where Blaine & Nemo are playing. But I’ll guess we’ll find out soon!

How would one go about checking out the other stream matches? Just check @Nemosis327 twitch??

Yeah there is something I find rather intriguing about your voice… I kinda wanted to mention it to you on one of the only times we grouped but I am nervous when grouping with ppl for the first time and I feel like it would have been wierd to mention and not really the first impression I wanted to make on you lol. Writing messages is much easier for me to communicate things like that XD

@blainebrossart1 maybe not radio. I am thinking audio books tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I streamed to YouTube so I wouldn’t have to switch accounts. You can rewatch but we got steamrolled. Meh. Target banned lives up to its name.