PS4)LF Atombalm Deathless, Icebreaker Victoryrush, Icebreaker deathless and various items. I have a LIST. Come check it out!

Hi all! I am looking for these items now. (Must be MH10 or lvl57)

  • Atombalm Deathless
    Radiation dmg/heavy/splash dmg

  • Icebreaker Victoryrush and Icebreaker deathless
    Cryo dmg/Cryo efficiency and SMG dmg or splash dmg

  • Mornach *4 Cryo Sntnl cryo 100

  • Monarch *8 Corro Sntnl cryo 100

  • Monarch *4 Corro Sntnl cryo 100

  • Back Bunner cryo 300/90

  • Back Bunner Radiation 300/90

  • Back Bunner all elements 150/50

  • Back Bunner all elements Sntnl

  • Plaguebearer Fire 300/90

  • Plaguebearer Cryo 300/90

  • Plaguebearer Shock 300/90

  • Plaguebearer Corro 300/90

I am also happy to take whatever meta items i don’t have on my list. If you are interested in my list
Please send me DM

Also i will keep editting this post so, whatever items here, i am still looking for it.

Thanks all!

Here is my list below

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I Can trade Mornach *8 Cryo 50/150 for plaguebearer rad 50/150

I have x8 150 corro. Want the kybs worth x3 with 150

Sure bro
Can you send me FR with what you can offer and what you one from me?


I sent Plaguebearer radiation 50/150
Send me your mornach when you can bro

Sent thanks for trade.

I have a M10 corrosive backburner with 300/90 anoint,if you’re interested add me,i’m interested in your phasezerker with wep crit,wep dmg,and splash dmg.

Sure man just give me 2hours maybe

Offer you Monarch x4 cryo and Cor 50/150
Monarch x8 cryo Sntnl 100

LF Seeing Dead wp crit Dahl crit Dahl dmg

Seeing Dead wp dmg wp crit AR dmg

Back Burner cryo ASE 125 splash
PSN kenet888