(PS4)LF Enternal Flame moze class mod and recursion and snowshoes or heart. hlHAVE A LIST updated

Hi guys!
I am looking for following

-Enternal flame moze class mod-
AS dmg/splash dmg or something

While AS 200 and ASE 200. All elements

-Snowshoes or Frozenheart-
Shield break AS start

Ive got a “reflecting snowshoe” with action skill start(also w/ ib nova); an x1 shock/cryo recursion with 200 splash (x2 rad/cryo with ib160); and to add to your list - wedding invitation w/ phslam 300% weapon dmg
Really just looking for the peregrine classmod on that list

Will send you flame with AS damage/grenade damage and Atlas fire rate.
For your spy COM

Sure send me fr i will send peregrine. And can you send me recuision

Alright i will send you too mate

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My psn is crazy-bee006


Sent too.