[PS4] LF Kyb's Worth

Hello, I’m looking for a Kyb’s Worth. Prefer fire. The following is what I have to trade:

Negation Faisor - 110% Cryo Effeciency
Venemous Relenetless Koos - 415 dmg/s Corrosive
Searing Trained Kaos - 485 dmg/s incendiary
Breath of the Dying
Stimulating Nasty Bearcat - Shock
Dastardly Hand of Glory
Gatlin Gatling Gun
Rebel Yell - Shock - Annointed: While barrier is actve, accurac is increased by 60%, and crit by 30%.
Unflappable Lead Sprinkler

Venemous Hornet - 616dmg/s corrosive- Annointed: Auto Bear active, 8% of mag per second
Dangerous Superball - `495 dmg/s Incendiary - Anointed: Exitting Iron bear, gain 120% splash dmg for 18 secs
Spooling Superball - INcendiary - Annointed: After Phaseslam,melee is increased by 200%.
Unending Magnificent- - 137 dmg/s Shock/Corrosive - Annointed: Exitting iron bear, next 2 mags have 40% bonus Incendiary dmg.
Krovvy Infinity
Oozing Gratifying Raisen’s Thorns - 1202 Corrosive -Annointed: on ASE, next 2 mags will have 50% additionsal bonus rad dmg.
Packin Devastator - Annointed: On action skill end, weapon accuracy and handling are greatly increased.
Oozing Devils Foursum - Corrosive
Shredded Devils Foursum
Moar Whizzy Pestilence - Radioactive
The Duc
Gratifying Breeder
Coolheaded Unforgiven
Searing NEmesis - Incendiary
Kings Call - Incendiary

Cash-Infused Brainstormer - 467 dmg/s shock
Defrauding Developing FEarmonger - Corrosive - After reloading consume all terror andcreate a cyro nova
Hostile Developing Fearmonder - 2160 dmg/s Incendiary - After reloading, consume all Terror and rreate a nove dealing cryo
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker - 620 dmg/s Incendiary - Annointed: on Action skill end, weapon status effect dmg and chance are increased by 75%
Deep Dive Face-Puncher - Annointed: On action skill end,next 2 mags have 50% additional shock dmg.
Redundant Face-puncher
Abundant Hazardous Trevonator - Corrosive
Poison Polybius - Corrosive
The Lov - Corrosive
Compressing Kill-o-the-Wisp - shock

Hostile Crossroad - 434 dmg/s Incendiary - Anointed: Auto bear active, constantly regen 8% of mag size
Adapting Ripper
Decaying Ripper - Corrosive
Cloud Kill - Corrosive
Turbo Ten Gallon
Turbo Supercharged Ten Gallon - Shock
Smart Gun XXL - Corrosive
Disciplined Vanquisher - Annointed: On skill end dealing 125% mofe weapon dmg to badass, namedand boss
Binary Mocking Cutsman - Shock

Annexed Ruthless Lyuda

Improved Bodyguard Shield - Cap: 12237 - Annointed: While terrified, gain ammo regen.
Surge Big Boom Buster - 20% Shock resist- Annointed: While SSNTNL is active, movespeed is increased by 15%.
Health Re-router - 13% radiation resist - Annointed: on Action skill end, regen 5% max healh per second
Frozen Heart - 13% Cryo resist - Annointed: While SNTNL is active, movespeed is increased by 15%
Fire Hardened RE-Charger
Transformer - 100% shock resist
Overflowing Scream of Terror
Backfire Red Suit
Riposte IMpaler

Rocket Launcher
Itchy Scourge - Radioactive
Annexed Jericho - Radioactive
Ruby’s Wrath - Annointed: While terrified, gain in creased damage and fire rate.
Stuffed Tunguska - Annointed: While Auto Bear is active, deals 20% bonus Incendiary dmg.

Raided Ghost Call
Hunter-Seeker - 4090dmg/s radioactive
Cloninng Chupa’s Organ
Chupa’s Organ
Punching Bag Re-Charger
MIRV Widomaker

Class Mod
Gunner - Augmented Entrenched Bloodletter
Gunner - Blessed Circulating Blast Master
Gunner - Roaring Bear Trooper
Gunner - Sanctified Batty Blast Master
Operative - Preemptive Unlikely Techspert
BeastMaster - Pronghorn Mongoose DE4DEYE
Siren - Meditative Spiritual Driver

Fire Stone Pull Out Method
Atom Bomb Pull Out Method
Toxic Revenger Safegaurd