PS4 / LF Legendary SICKLE Class Mod (62-66 lvl)

CAN OFFER other Legendary Class Mods, just PM ME ( I tried farming tubbies but cant get sickle one :confused: and got others )

I have one, but at 72.

What do u want for this? If everyone wouldnt have one on lower lvl I can grab yours. Polska?

Do you have Fire Fastball at 50? Or perfect for Krieg Flame of the Firehawk at 50 l? If not I can drop it for free.

No, I dont have yet but I can grab one in a week or two, because my psycho is on 47 lvl. If you dont hurry up I can give you it when I got it first. And I can take your legendary sickle class mod if you dont mind :wink: add me to friends on ps4 - Arcurus1992