[PS4] [LF Unforgiven (max crit) anointed phaselam 300% wdmg/ Coro MOARR Linoge anointed phaselam 300% wdmg / It's piss anointed / Redundant Face puncher anointed 300% wdmg

I have

Molten Vicious Lyuda (125% wdmg and for siren phasecast 250%wdmg)

Rowan’s Call (rad 50% shock dmg),(shock 100% wdmg )(fire 100% wdmg and for siren 250% wdmg after phasecast)

Queen’s Call (corosive 100% wdmg)

Lucian’s Call (fire and coro100% wdmg)

Redundant Brainstormer (100% wdmg),(50% fire dmg),(50% coro dmg)

Defrauding Crossroad (Siren 250% wdmg after phasecast ),(100%wdmg)

Hostile Crossroad (100% wdmg and siren 300% wdmg)

Cash-infused Crossroad (Siren 300% wdmg)

Hive (coro 50% shock dmg and rad 50% rad dmg)

Auditing Butcher (cryo 50% cryo dmg)

Pointy Psycho Stabber (200% melee dmg Siren)

Pointy Linoge (Siren 300% wdmg)

Trick unforgiven max crit (100% wdmg)

Cocky Flakker (moze unlimited ammo 5s)

Itchy Flakker (125% splash dmg)

Burning Flakker (100% wdmg)

Subsidized Conference Call (50% shock dmg)

Artic disciplined Night (100% dmg)

Redundant Face puncher (200% melee dmg for siren)

Binary Cutman (fire for Moze 8% mag recharge/s),(shock and coro for siren 300%wdmg)

Oozing vigorous Roisen’s thorns (50% fire dmg)

The Duc (Moze unlimited ammo 5s)

Itchy Gratifying Laser Sploder (Rad 25% crit dmg)

Double penetrating pneumatic laser sploder (fire 100% wdmg)

The transformer (20% cooldown on action skill)

Brawler ward (200% melee dmg for siren)

Re charge (Siren phrase grap create nova),(5% regain health)

Augmented Stop Gap (5% regain health)

Recurring Hex Rad (1 grenade on start AS)

Reccuring Hex Shock (1 grenade on start AS)

Reccuring Hex Cryo (1 grenade on start AS)


Snowdrift victory rush : +21% AS cooldown,+16% cryo dmg, +40% mag size

Elemental projector Deathless :+30% grenade dmg, +29% fire resist, +16% fire dmg

Elemental projectorwhite Elephant :+17% smg dmg, +33% splash dmg, +29% shock resist

Elemental projector otto idol : +40% mag size, +16% fire dmg,+21% action skill cooldown

Elemental projector victory rush :40% mag size,+29% cryo resist, +1487 health max

Last stand Otto idol : +21% action skill cooldown,+16% rad dmg, +8%mvt speed

Knife Drain White Elephant : +33% splash dmg, +25% melee dmg +17% heavy wdmg

Class mod

Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter(+2dm) :+25% wdmg,+31% Shotgun dmg,+30% grenade dmg

Spectral Phasezerker : +25%wdmg, +20% reload speed,+31% AR dmg

Volatile TEMP Phasezerker : +25% wdmg, +31% action skill cooldown rate, +31% AR dmg

Rope a Dope Solitary Breaker : +25% wdmg, + 25% recharge speed Dahl, +50% melee dmg

Blended Tangled Elementalist : +10% Maliwan wdmg, +31% shotgun dmg,+31% action skill cooldown rate

Blood Sucking Blast Master : +31% splash dmg, +29% splash radius, +25% recharge speed Vladof

Armor plated Booming Beear Trooper : +28% splash dmg, +29% splash radius, +25% reload speed maliwan

Megaton Mind Sweeper : +50% accuracy COV, +30% grenade dmg,+31% shotgun dmg

Venator Bounty Hunter : : +18% crit damage weapon, 25% weapon damage, +31% action skill cooldown rate

Ventor Ranger Cosmic Stalker : +10% vladof damage, +45% crit damage Jakobs weapon, 31% pistol damage

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Interested in these two. I will check my linoge, is that the only thing you need?

psn: nat_zero_six

Moarr Linoge anointed Unforgiven anointed and it’s a piss anointed

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will you accept this?

unfortunately, I don’t have any of the stuff you need… but are you willing to dupe that Venator Bounty Hunter and last stand otto idol for something else?

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Arff it’s not the anointment that i want but i can trade a artifact that you want for this

Have unforgiven with 432 crit. Need it?

anointed ?

Yep, 200% mele damage for siren

arf melee dmg … not weapon ? i will take it

Mele after phaseslam

thanks but I’m looking for a weapon dmg after phaselam sorry

Yes pls. I got another

Psn: nat_zero_six

I also got the face puncher. Can you throw in the blast master with splash damage perk

Arff not the linoge i’m looking for but if you have a face punch with anointment 300% wdmg i will trade

I got the linoge and face puncher. Will trade for your max crit 100% unforgiven and 100% fire lucian

300% anointed wdmg ?

Actually it’s a pointy corossive linoge but it does have the 300% weapon damage. The face puncher is exact.

can you send me a picture of your face punch ?

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i also got a deep dive version with 300% weapon damage.

I main melee amara and those white elephant is one of the the last pieces i need for the build.

i sent a FR btw.