[PS4] LF urad and 200% while AS booheyman, tisy and plasma coil. HAVE A LIST

Hi guys
I need gears below

Boogeyman all elements
Tisy all elements
Flipper corrosive

-200% while AS-
Boogeyman all elements
Tisy all elements
Plasma coil

Wp dmg or wp crit or splash dmg or sniper dmg or smg dmg

Need any god roll of relics

Other than these list. I also have godroll of spy, hustler,kensai and muse and more.

Please DM me!

Thank you

I have a bloodletter with 36% splash 32% wep dmg 29% mag size if you’re interested

I have a bloodletters you may be interested in, all level 65:

2/1/2 - DM, PD, TRL - Weapon Crit, Weapon Damage, Corrosive Resistance
1/1/3 - DM, TRL, PD - Sniper Damage, Atlas Damage, Dahl Crit
2/3 - DM, PD - Grenade Damage, SMG Damage, Tediore Damage
1/1/3 - TRL, PD, DM - Splash Damage, COV damage, Maliwan accuray

Lemme know if you are interested in any of them. What are the details on your Kensai?