Ps4 lf Zane gear classmod/beacon

Hey there,

I have been farming for days now, can somebody please book me up with a seein’ dead classmod with action skill damage?
Also a shock beacon would be golden.

Could also use a shock transformer with movement speed annoint

sorry but do u know how to get in minos prime i can’t get in to it. my lvl 60

U have to go to the doc (tannis) on the sanctuary and get the Quest, then wrap to it at the bridge and then go to the launchpod down at Ellis garage

oh thank u so much

Glad i could help

Can’t help you with the mod needs - probably just farm Freddie - but the Beacon is pretty easy to get if you farm Jerrick Logan at Bloodsun Canyon.

Will try thx

Moved to the trading section for PS4 - good luck!

I have the class mod you are LF.

Will add u